Serving Teams

Use your skills and talents to contribute to the family! We are always looking for more help. Check out the different Serving Teams and see which one fits you best!


TEAM PURPOSE: To assist with parking for guests arriving in their vehicles. Offer direction for handicapped drivers. To be ready to offer additional assistance for guests on weather related days.

TEAM PLAN: Team members will be ready for vehicle management before week- end services or special events. Set out parking cones and prepare parking areas for parking assignments.

TEAM EXPECTATIONS: Team members serve on a team according to rotation as scheduled. Training provided.

SKILLS NEEDED: Friendly, team player, dependability

Dean Dennis

Facility and Grounds Maintenance

TEAM PURPOSE: Assist in building, repairing and maintaining TLR campus facilities.

TEAM PLAN: Serve to keep campus in perfect condition for all ministry events and services.

TEAM EXPECTATIONS: Team members serve on a team according to rotation as scheduled. Training provided.

SKILLS NEEDED:Team player, working knowledge of power tools, painting, repair, building, lifting, etc., willingness to participate.

Danny Rezendes

Technical arts - audio

TEAM PURPOSE: To assist worship teams, teachers and pastors in bringing excellence to the gospel message through sound ministry, both on and off campus.

TEAM PLAN: Learn and understand the intricacies of sound ministry. Be trained to run sound for various events and ministries In Worship Center, Annex, outside events, etc.

SKILLS NEEDED: Good listening skills, teachable spirit, friendly, team player, help worship team members, pastors, speakers, feel comfortable and confident with sound system.

Mike Yount

Technical arts - LIGHTING

TEAM PURPOSE: Create lighting environment for worship, teaching and special events, both on and off campus.

TEAM PLAN: Learn how to use lighting console, lighting fixtures, and placement of fixtures. Serve on rotation basis to serve in all worship and teaching venues and outside events.

SKILLS NEEDED: Team player, dependable, teachable

Mike Yount

Technical arts - projection + video

TEAM PURPOSE: Provide presentation aids for worship, special events, and teaching, using projection computer, both on and off campus.

TEAM PLAN: Present worship lyrics, teaching aids and videos using Powerpoint, ProPresenter, etc., on the projection computers in Worship Center, Annex, etc.

SKILLS NEEDED: Teachable spirit, working knowledge of presentation software, team player

Susie Ingersoll


TEAM PURPOSE: Serve the mission and vision of TLR with Eden Temple International in Rwanda, Africa.

TEAM PLAN: Travel on short term mission trips to Rwanda, Africa, assist mission teams in training and prep for mission trips, be long term missionary serving Eden Temple International.

SKILLS NEEDED:  Open heart, team player, flexibility, willing to help team members prepare for short term trips.

Mark Yaden


TEAM PURPOSE: To provide a clean, welcoming facility for weekly programs and worship services for The Living Room family.

TEAM PLAN: Clean and prepare facilities for mid-week and weekend programs and worship services.

TEAM EXPECTATIONS: Team members serve on Saturdays and some week days, according to availability and scheduling. Team members serve on rotating basis.

SKILLS NEEDED: Team player, able to do physical labor, dependability, friendly.

Ashley Dawson


TEAM PURPOSE: Provide meals for Sunday ministry volunteers, memorial services, banquets and other ministry events during the year. This team creates the heart of fellowship for The Living Room.

SKILLS NEEDED: Cooking skills wanted, but not necessary. There are many different roles in Food Service and you can learn how to cook. Friendly, team player.

Lori Porter


TEAM PURPOSE: To create a welcoming, helpful environment for our worship guests. 

TEAM PLAN: To assist guests before, after and during worship services. Find seating, and help when immediate needs arise. Help parents with check in for babies and children. Be available with answers for questions.

TEAM EXPECTATIONS: Team members serve on a team according to rotation as scheduled. Training provided.

SKILLS NEEDED: Welcoming, friendly, team player, willing to assist worship guests, dependability.

Colin and Teresa Carson


TEAM PURPOSE: To provide the setting to experience worship through The Lord’s Supper.

TEAM PLAN: Come early before worship services to prepare communion elements for weekly worship services, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Christmas Eve services, etc. Stay after services when The Lord’s Supper is offered to clean and put away cups, trays and cloths.

SKILLS NEEDED: Desire to prepare people for Communion, team player, flexibility for multiple ways to offer Communion elements, training provided.

David and Debbie Keitzman


TEAM PURPOSE: To provide a friendly atmosphere for visitors and regular attenders that portrays the heart and personality of The Living Room.

TEAM PLAN: Welcome visitors and attendees at the doors for weekend services and special events. Offer directions and assistance as needed to visitors for Nursery, Children’s Ministry, etc.

TEAM EXPECTATIONS: Team members serve on a team according to rotation as scheduled. Training provided.

SKILLS NEEDED: Friendly, hospitable, team player, dependability.

Bob and Carol Jekel


TEAM PURPOSE: Provide worship music, scripture, prayer, etc. to help people enter the presence of God through worship experiences.

TEAM PLAN: Prepare music, scripture and be in prayer for weekly worship services and worship events.

SKILLS NEEDED: Meet regularly for rehearsals, planning meetings, etc. Review music ahead of group rehearsals to be prepared. Check ego at the door. Be available to be used in whatever capacity is requested.

SKILLS NEEDED: Musical experience and/or training necessary for vocalists and musicians, vocalists must be able to match pitch, heart to use voice or instrument to edify others


TEAM PURPOSE: To provide a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for visitors and regular attenders that portray the heart and personality of The Living Room.

TEAM PLAN: Prepare, maintain and monitor refreshments before and during our weekend services and events. Provide hospitality area clean-up following worship services and special events.

SKILLS NEEDED: Team members serve on a team according to rotation as scheduled. Training provided.

SKILLS NEEDED: Friendly, hospitable, team player, dependability.

Lori Porter

Meal Train

TEAM PURPOSE: Create and or pick up food for meals and deliver to families in short term need.

TEAM PLAN: Participate in team offering meals when the need arises.

SKILLS NEEDED: Friendly, hospitable, flexible.

Phyllis Ferguson


decorating team

TEAM PURPOSE: Decorate facilities to create environments fitting for Ministry events, holidays, etc.

TEAM PLAN: Work with pastors, and ministry leaders to create and implement décor for Christmas, Lent, Good Friday, Easter, etc.

SKILLS NEEDED: Team player, take direction, creative ideas are welcome but not necessary to serve on team.

special events & stage design

TEAM PURPOSE: To create stage sets for Message series, ministry themes and special events.

SKILLS NEEDED: Team player, follow art direction, creativity skills welcome but not necessary to serve on team.

Charlene Goodnight

memorial services

TEAM PURPOSE: Create environment to serve grieving families.

TEAM PLAN: Serve as host, usher, or on food prep team to serve those in attendance for Celebration of Life services.

SKILLS NEEDED: Loving, welcoming heart, team player, flexibility to do whatever is needed to assist in service needs.

Erin Jensen

prayer team

TEAM PURPOSE: The purpose of prayer is not to change circumstances; but to change us! But either way, the chief objective remains the same: to glorify God in any and every situation.

TEAM PLAN: Team meets Wednesday evenings to pray for all submitted prayer requests, the church family and it’s pastors. Team members pray with people at the conclusion of worship services on Sundays.

SKILLS NEEDED: Members serve Sunday mornings on rotation basis. Team members invited for prayer Wednesday evenings as often as schedule allows.

SKILLS NEEDED: Love for prayer, love for people. No experience necessary.

Alan Mehlenbacher


TEAM PURPOSE: To prepare facility rooms for ministry events.

TEAM PURPOSE: Set up tables, chairs, etc. Clean tables and chairs and rooms following events to make ready and available for next event. Team members serve rotation as scheduled. Training provided.

SKILLS NEEDED: Able to do physical labor, team player, friendly.


TEAM PURPOSE: Create welcoming, friendly environment for spiritual growth and relationships with a Group of between 8-12 people. Lead Biblical discussions for group interaction.

TEAM PLAN: Hosts lead Community Groups either on campus or in a home for 10 weeks. Training provided before each 10 week group session

TEAM EXPECTATIONS: Attend Host training. Prep weekly for group experience and pray daily for your group members. Hosts can lead a group for one session or multiple sessions during the year. Hosts will be offered curriculum to choose from at the beginning of each 10 week session.

SKILLS NEEDED: Desire to help people grow in relationship with God and others, listening skills, friendly.

Community Group Director:
Chris Charon, Family Life Pastor

middle school youth group

TEAM PURPOSE: To engage Middle School students in authentic community through games and small groups, Biblical teaching, and connection with loving, Godly adults.

TEAM PLAN: Middle School Ministry leaders will spend time leading and loving Middle School students through relationship-building and discipleship. Thursday evenings we join students in games, a message, and small group discussions. We believe that students are vital members of the Body of Christ with purpose and great capacity!

TEAM EXPECTATIONS: Small group leaders will be expected to attend Wednesday night youth group and special events. We will also utilize occasional adult support for special events and activities. Small group leaders will be asked to fulfill a year-long commitment after a “try-out” period.

SKILLS NEEDED: A love for Jesus and teenagers! Teachability and a desire to learn how to lead students into a deeper relationship with Christ, commitment to relationships and reliability.

Director Joel Baker

tlr kids

TEAM PURPOSE: In everything we do in Kids Ministry, we seek to lead kids and their families to create a welcoming, helpful environment for our worship guests.


TEAM PLAN: Encourage and engage kids during the worship services with practical seating, and help when immediate needs arise. Help parents with teaching, up-beat worship, and applicable activities. Kids and parents are met with loving individuals who are intentional in building relationships. Various special events provide opportunities for the entire family to experience relationship-building activities together, as well as a chance to serve our community in fun and exciting ways. 


TEAM EXPECTATIONS: Background-checked team members are expected to serve 2 times a month during 1 service per Sunday. Training and safety guidelines are outlined, with specificity towards age groups (Nursery, Preschool, Elementary). Classrooms are prepped and ready to go while team leaders are provided curriculum that is emailed prior to serving.

SKILLS NEEDED: Friendly, loves kids, willing to be silly, team player, dependable. 

Family Life Pastor Chris Charon

the difference high school group

TEAM PURPOSE: To lead High Schoolers into a growing, life-long relationship with Jesus Christ through games, teaching and small groups.

TEAM PLAN: High School Ministry leaders meet with students at youth group on Monday nights. We play games, listen to a message, and share a time of small group discussions.

TEAM EXPECTATIONS: High School leaders will be expected to faithfully attend youth group nights and occasional events. They will also be encouraged to build relationships with students outside of youth activities.

SKILLS NEEDED: Relationship building, commitment, likes to have fun!

Director Jennifer Phipps

Cares ministry

TEAM MISSION: TLR Cares Ministry’s mission is to pray, encourage and guide those in life altering situations, as we share the love of Christ. Our vision is to give hope and direction, in practical ways to help people overcome physical, emotional, relational, financial and spiritual obstacles.

TEAM PURPOSE: We provide prayer, support and encouragement to persons and/or families facing life altering circumstances and ongoing challenges. We encourage, listen, provide guidance and show the love of Jesus to those who feel vulnerable and alone during a time of uncertainty.

SKILLS NEEDED: A genuine concern for others, loving, sensitive, an eagerness to serve, willing to listen objectively with a compassionate heart, adhere to confidentiality and refrain from giving advice, be dependable and flexible.

Sandi Paradiso