The Miracle of Mercy

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The Miracle of Mercy

September 16 - November 17

Community Groups meet weekly in homes as well as on the TLR campus for 10 weeks to share in friendship, discipleship, and serving.

In addition to the study, there will be 3 experiences that your groups will experience in your group time: prayer, serving, and fun activities. This fall we’ll focus on “The Miracle of Mercy”. Since mercy is one of God’s most important characteristics, it is also one of the most important character traits that God wants to develop in us. This will be a 40 day journey to see what mercy really looks like.



Important Information:

"The Miracle Of Mercy" Book: $10
We are also offering 2 Financial Peace University Classes, cost per class:


Choose a group that best suites you.

Look through the list on the right and choose which group is the best fit for your schedule. 



Bill and Pam Blosser 6:30 pm | W Kennewick


Donna Collins Ladies Group | 6 pm | S Kennewick - FULL

Shannon Aiello Ladies Group | 6 pm | SE Kennewick

Debra Anderson 6 pm | Central Kennewick

Paul and Carol Ehrhart 6 pm | TLR Campus


Phyllis Ferguson Ladies Group 9:30 am | W Richland

Rob and Pat Clarno 6 pm | W Pasco

Jeremy and Elisa Donovan 6:30 pm | W Kennewick

Jim and Sue Cress 6:30 pm | S Kennewick


Debbie Miller Ladies Group 9:30 am | S Richland - FULL

John & Barb Freer/Jim & Dede Aust 6:30 pm | S Kennewick - FULL

Vanessa Cedergreen 6:30 pm | Central Kennewick


Charlene Goodnight Ladies Group 10 am | W Kennewick - FULL

Stan and Juanita Salsbury 6 pm | W Kennewick


Jeff Schofstoll Mens Group 7:30 am | TLR Campus


Ryan and Becky Brice Sunday | 3 pm | W Richland Cost: $109 | Childcare included

Sandi Paradiso Tuesday | 6 | TLR Campus Cost $109 | Childcare included

Miracles of Mercy
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